"We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands."--- Kristi Larson

Our little princess!!!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ava's Top Ten List!

We are amazed on a daily basis at how much Ava has changed. We walked off that plane with a quiet , meek and timid little baby. Now fast forward and we have a two year old firecracker! She now has a voice. And did I mention that she loves to hear herself SCREAM!!!!

Ava's 10 Dislikes:

10. Tex's Kisses! Tex and Ava are eye level and she always has some sort of snack residue on her upper body. Well need I say more, you add in a dog with a kin sense of smell and a love for giving kisses and the result is lots of screaming! Tex one day she will love you but right now Rocky ... ROCKs!

9.Mashed Potatoes! Lots of potatoes in that cabbage soup at the orphanage. She loves french fries only!

8.Doctors in white coats! She is terrified!

7.Thunder and lightening! This is a new fear that has just emerged!

6.When Momma puts her purse on! She does not like if I go somewhere without her! She has a mommy addiction! I would not have it any other way!

5.Not being able to choose her own shoes! It sounds crazy but she loves her shoes.She gets straight out of bed and heads for he shoe rack.Her current favorites are her princess high heel collection and a pair of green rubber caterpillar boot! As you can see in the photos, the green rubber boots are a must in every Texas girls wardrobe!

4.Tight clothes! She had enough of that.

3.Long Car rides! Even with her favorite show on the TV. When she is done... she is done!

2.Being hungry! Everything is good as long as you are not late with breakfast ,lunch dinner and snacks! It is as simple as this:

Ava + a full tummy = A happy girl!

1.Being told NO! This really stinks and I hate it too !!!!!! Get used to it sister we live in a house where the testosterone levels are dangerously high!

Ava's 10 Favorite Things:

10.Water! She loves to bath, swim and splash in puddles! You would never believe this was the same child who was terrified of the bath tub in Russia! Now, she is a little fish!

9.Her blanket! She has grown attached to one blanket. It has got one edge tattered just right. She likes to tickle her nose and toes with that tattered corner. And watch out if you are extra special she will tickle your nose too!

8.Ava loves other little people! She loves to be around other little kids. When she gets around someone her age you see the biggest grin and lots of giggles!

7.Ava loves to be outside! Ava was housed in the hospital for a big portion of the beginning of her life. When she went to the orphanage , she would get sick and off to the hospital she would go. So she loves to put on her rubber boots, a hat , loads of sunscreen and soak up some Texas rays!

6.Music! Ava loves music! She loves for you to sing her anything. Believe me American Idol has not contacted me about an auditions but she thinks my voice is just lovely!!! Ha!

5.Ava loves Rocky! Ava and our cat have a special relationship. They have a mutual love for one another. They have joined forces against the dog...Sorry Tex!

4.She loves to eat! You would not now it by looking at her. She is still quite small but making great progress. She eats anything. On the boy's plates everything is separate and Ava mixes everything up! Ava loves Hummus, olives , tomatoes, broccoli,onions but spaghetti is her favorite!

3.She loves her bubba's! Jake is her clown / partner in crime and Nick fulfills a loving yet silly role.

2.Ava loves to be carried around! She is on my hip about 75% of the day.No wonder I am on the geriatric circuit at the gym!

1. And top on her list of favorite things..........Ava loves being part of a family! This is so apparent to us in how she has grown to love and trust all of us.She looks at each of us with such love and devotion. This is not always a easy transition for a child that has spent their life in an institution. But each and every child deserves to have the chance to be loved and accepted. Ava has found that and at two years old she has been one of the best teachers that I have ever had.

So, there you have it ! This little firecracker has come into her own. We are so excited tantrums and all!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Date to Remember!

Okay, I admit I am not the most organized person. I guess you could call me a closet slob. I am one of those people that keeps stuff in case I will need it someday! I was sorting through some of my old emails today . When I looked over at the date, I realized that was the day that my sweet little girl was born in Russia . Yes, I admit I have keep emails from 2007! When I looked back on that date ,we were packing up for our big move from Dallas back to Houston. On that hot day in July ,we endured the painful task of packing up and bidding our farewells in Dallas. On the other side of the world our pink bundle of joy was born. I was so anxious to get moved! I was excited about returning to my hometown but really excited about beginning our home study. I had to cancel our first home study appointment because of the relocation. Our social worker suggested once we got settled in Houston then we could proceed with the home study. I remember thinking that every road block that we encountered was delaying the adoption process.It was so frustrating and I was ready !!! Funny thing is that the little girl that was meant to be our daughter was not ready . She had just been born. I look back on this now and know that every detour and road block was in place for a reason. And I am reminded as we are about to begin another wonderful adventure ... GREAT things come to those who wait!

I leave you with my pink bundle of joy in pink high heels and her Walmart shopping cart! And yes that is her hair , not a wig!!!!!!!!